Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Classic Pooh 1st Birthday

I wanted to create the most special Birthday for my little I basically made everything decorating "The Hundred Acre Woods" for his bash. The colors were orange, lime green & blue throughout. Classic Pooh party supplies are basically nonexistent so using cut outs of Pooh book illustrations, Pooh plush toys & lots of fabric & ribbons, I think fun was had by all at "Pooh Corner"...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Playroom Design

Not a party but when Cameron woke up yesterday morning to see all his toys moved into our formal dining became a party! I had so much fun choosing the organization and theme of this room. Thanks to IKEA and a few frilly touches, his playroom has a bright Frog Prince theme. It is still a work in progress & I'll post the final design as soon as I find it!

I changed out the ribbon & painted over "pink" dots to become orange on this wall frog.

The archway into the kitchen became a bit fun with this circus tent.

It's so fun to see him discover all his toys now they they are all organized and in ONE place....for the time!

Can't wait to have his little buddies over for a playdate in his new room!

Playdate Christmas Party

In December, I hosted our Mommies & babies Christmas's my MOST favorite season & the house just sparkled with all the Holiday decor. We had cranberry/champagne cocktails for the Mommies & lots of food for all! Even a special visitor arrived from the North Pole to bring bags of homemade holiday breads I made a few days before.


Easter was a small gathering of just our little fam & my brothers. I set the dining room a little formal for our sit down dinner of spiral honey ham & all the sides! We stuffed ourselves & watched Cameron hunt for eggs in the backyard...

4th of July continued...

I frilled up the buffet table with a sparker centerpiece and festive plastic-wear packs!

The kiddos enjoyed all the snacks, Bar-B-Q as well as festive was a great Independence Day!

4th of July

This event started as a simple Bar-B- Q but once I started adding a few decorations, it got more frilly!

I made a kiddy table with smores & cookies as well as a basket of poppers & bubbles.

Another table displayed my cupcakes and a few other goodies.

Happy Independence Day!

Classic Pooh (Part IV)

Little things like signs made from quotes from the stories of Winnie the Pooh were placed around the rooms ...also, big paper flowers made from tissue paper & bees made from pipe cleaners buzzed above made guests feel welcome at Pooh Corner.

The kiddies left full of sugar treats & with a goodie bag. The bags were filled with Pooh toys like stickers, bubbles, a Pooh board book & a cello bag filled with teddy grahams topped with a ribbon.

After all my hard work, I LOVED the way his Pooh Party turned out! It just took the empty house after the guests left, to get all emotional realizing my baby turned ONE already!! I also swore his next party will be low!

Classic Pooh (Part III)

Using polka dot fabrics, tulle & ribbons, the cake table & buffet tables were extra frilly!
I ordered the cake from a local bakery but made the cake toppers myself from small plush characters. The "smash cake" for my pumpkin was extra special with his name on a Classic Pooh icing film I found online.

Classic Pooh (Part II)

All the kiddies enjoyed cupcakes, Pooh Crispies & a candy buffet.....