Friday, July 9, 2010

Playroom Design

Not a party but when Cameron woke up yesterday morning to see all his toys moved into our formal dining became a party! I had so much fun choosing the organization and theme of this room. Thanks to IKEA and a few frilly touches, his playroom has a bright Frog Prince theme. It is still a work in progress & I'll post the final design as soon as I find it!

I changed out the ribbon & painted over "pink" dots to become orange on this wall frog.

The archway into the kitchen became a bit fun with this circus tent.

It's so fun to see him discover all his toys now they they are all organized and in ONE place....for the time!

Can't wait to have his little buddies over for a playdate in his new room!


  1. This room looks AMAZING!! Glad to see your finally blogging. It is so fun, and then you can get it printed. My goal is to blog more this year, not doing super great at it yet.

    You had a question about how to make it easier or what to do? I don't have any answers. I will try to call today and see if I can answer any ?'s. I don't konw very much... just a warning.